Your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Discusses How to Plan Ahead the Bathroom Remodel

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When you ask a Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor to help you in creating a bathroom space, you also have to plan ahead on the kind of bathroom you want. You do this by coming up with plans to remodel.

In renovating your bathroom, make sure from the start that you have everything you need. You don’t want one of the most important rooms in your house to become the product of a half-baked effort. That’s why advanced thinking is a must!

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How to Plot Out Your Bathroom Remodel

Here are the things you need to do when you’re planning your bathroom remodel:

  1. Save on the money

Have a contingency fund when it comes to the remodel. You need all the money you can have in this period. Try to save around 15% of the entire budget for the contingency. This will be instrumental for emergency spending.

  1. Make use of a temporary bathroom

Your bathroom will be down, so by placing a temporary bathroom, you can have an area for showering as the whole remodeling happens. You can have the bathroom at another house.

  1. Do some shopping.

Try checking tips on apartment remodeling so that you have an idea how your bathroom will look like. After that you will be able to purchase pieces that would fit in well with your remodeling scheme.

  1. Perform research

You need to understand you will have to hire, and you have to look for a contractor straight from friends and family. Also, read reviews and get estimates to know what you are spending for.

Help Put Effective Bath Wall Surrounds

One of the initial stages of bathroom remodeling involves revamping the bathroom walls. Putting in bath wall surrounds in Los Angeles requires a great deal of patience and time. Here’s how to get it done with your bathroom contractor.

  • Take apart the tile. There may be mold growth behind the tile, so if you have tile at the moment, remove it before putting in the bath surrounds. Afterward, repair spots on the walls. 
  • In order for the surrounds to properly hold to the wall, clean them, then place a primer to the backer board. 
  • If you install a shower surround, place the shower pan first. Shower pans usually come with the shower surround kit. Go with the manufacturer’s directions for the installation. 
  • Seal all of the tile joints with caulk, then leave to dry. Wait for 24 hours before you use the bathroom.

Make sure you let the adhesive dry totally prior to using your bathtub or shower. If you don’t, the panels would not stick to the wall appropriately.

A Bathroom to Call Your Own

Once you get you have your remodel completed, as well as the installations of bath wall surround in Southern California, you can be truly proud of your bath space.  Remember to invest and plan well when it comes to your bathroom, so that you can create a wet space that’s all your own!

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