Why St. Louis Artificial Turf is Perfect for Kids’ Play Areas

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Having a garden or yard at home is a great way to encourage children to play out in the fresh air instead of staying glued to their phones and gadgets all day long. Unfortunately, all that biking, running, or playing catch can take a heavy toll on natural grass. St. Louis artificial turf offers an amazing compromise for families who want to enjoy their lawns without all the fuss that comes with natural grass.

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4 Reasons Artificial Grass is Great for Children

Spending time outside is essential to keep children active, happy, and healthy. A beautiful yard is also an awesome way to bond as a family.

However, natural grass has serious disadvantages that can dampen your enjoyment of your lawn. Daily foot traffic can leave it looking like a mess, and all that cutting, mowing, fertilizing and other routine tasks will eat away on both your energy and budget. With artificial grass, you can forget all about that with these amazing benefits:

  • Non-Toxic

On a real lawn, there’s a big potential for children to come into contact with harmful substances like chemical fertilizers and pesticides, both of which are normally used to keep grass alive.

Artificial turf needs none of these, and it’s inhospitable to pests as well. Not only will you be saving money on these materials, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kids are playing on a non-toxic surface.

  • Free from Allergens

Another huge benefit of artificial turf in St. Louis is that it is totally free from allergens. Grass pollen is a common trigger of allergies like hay fever, which becomes especially worse during early summer and spring.

Swapping out your yard for a synthetic one dramatically reduces grass-related allergens and allows children with allergies to spend more time outside even during warmer months.

  • Minimal Maintenance

After long working hours, household chores, and social events, family time may never seem enough. On top of that, the high maintenance requirements of natural grass can steal away precious weekends that you could have spent with your loved ones.

Synthetic grass eliminates all of that because it doesn’t need to be watered, mowed, or cut. Apart from the occasional hosing down, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to stay beautiful and functional.

  • Safe and Soft

Artificial lawns provide a safer environment overall for families because it feels soft and has a non-slip nature. It also doesn’t contain gravel and small pebbles that can be painful for children to step on. It’s safe to walk barefoot on and can withstand intense activity and traffic without becoming a risky space.

Here’s another bonus: no more tracking mud and dirt from hours of play!

Upgrade Your Home with Family-Friendly Artificial Turf in St. Louis

Because of these outstanding benefits, lots of families in St. Louis have moved over to artificial lawns and never looked back. Make children excited to play outside with synthetic grass! Give your local artificial grass installers a call and find out how you can upgrade your home with a brand new artificial lawn.

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