Why It’s Smart to Outsource to Emergency Spill Response Companies


Any business that works with hazardous materials is always susceptible to threatened or uncontrolled spills. The consequences can be dire if the spill is not handled properly. As a result, many organizations choose to have emergency spill response companies on standby as an alternative to maintaining an in-house team. For this setup to work, it’s crucial to understand the benefits and establish a relationship way before a spill event happens.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Your Spill Response Needs

Having an emergency spill response program in place is non-negotiable when you work with hazardous materials. However, you do have a choice whether to create your own team or simply outsource this task. Numerous companies opt for the latter thanks to these benefits:

  • Cost-Effective

Having an in-house emergency response team is expensive; you’ll have to pay for initial and regular training, equipment, plus all the expenses that come with having employees on your payroll.

In contrast, outsourcing gets you 24/7 access to a fully-trained emergency response team with complete equipment without having to pay more than the contract amount.

  • Complete Equipment

Some basic equipment for spill response are self-contained breathing apparatus, air monitoring equipment, protective clothing like hazmat suits, tools, and specialized absorbent materials.

Unless you plan on entering the solid waste disposal business, it doesn’t make sense to pour thousands of dollars into having your own spill response equipment and paying more for storage to house it all.

  • Faster Response Times

In case of an emergency, supervisors from emergency spill response companies will be the one to coordinate with local fire and rescue and other responsible agencies related to the clean-up.

Having experts during such emergencies reduces human error, limits costs and liability, and makes for faster response times as opposed to inexperienced individuals trying to handle this complex process.

  • Updated Training

Emergency response planning and preparedness is a very costly and detailed program. Typical inclusions are up to 40-hour lectures and hands-on learning in spill response techniques, annual refreshers, and frequent drilling to maintain OSHA-approved preparedness.

Most businesses don’t have the budget for such specialized training, which makes outsourcing a more practical option.

Outsourcing all of these to environmental consulting companies accomplishes two things: it gives you peace of mind knowing any spill will be taken care of ASAP, and it allows you to allocate your resources on more urgent aspects of your business.

More Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is clearly a better investment than creating an in-house team. In general, here is why having an emergency spill response company on speed dial is essential:

  • Save lives.

The top priority of spill response companies during these emergencies is to limit human exposure and prevent more injuries from happening. Direct contact to hazardous chemicals can lead to serious health problems and increase your liability. A trained team will execute health evaluations and enact steps to reduce the damage to people and the community.

  • Protect your property.

In the event of a chemical spill, emergency spill response companies will work efficiently and rapidly to prevent explosions and fires. They will try to identify the cause of the accident, restrict certain areas, and resolve the source of the spill to minimize damage to property.

  • Safeguard the environment.

Emergency spill response companies are trained to mitigate a spill’s threat to surrounding wildlife and environment. Once the main spill is resolved, they will also carry out cleaning measures to prevent the spread of contamination, protect agricultural sites, and other techniques to make sure the environment is unharmed after a spill event.

Contact an Emergency Spill Response Company in Advance

Establishing an account with an emergency spill response company allows you to satisfy regulations and laws that require concerned companies to have a hazardous waste contingency plan. More importantly, it means that you’re always ready to respond to any hazardous waste emergency that might occur onsite, therefore reducing the threat to people, property, and the environment no matter what.

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