Why Buying New Homes in Corona, CA is Smarter than Renting


Should you rent or buy? That is the very first question people face when looking at new homes in Corona, CA. While some people will tell you that renting has replaced the American dream, buying a newly-constructed home in Corona is a decision that has a bigger payoff in the long run.

BUY not Rent

Corona Just Gets Better and Better

It’s hard not to fall in love with Corona. It offers you a slice of the Golden State all wrapped up in a quaint little package that’s also modern in every way. It’s pretty common for people who move from Corona to other cities to end up wanting to stay in Corona for good.

A major reason is the diversity of the city. It’s home to some of the best schools in California, and there’s no shortage of amenities that a cosmopolitan offers. Unlike other places, however, Corona is situated near mountains, deserts, and oceans – all within driving distance anytime you want a weekend or two for a relaxing escapade.

More importantly, there are big things underway for Corona in the next few years. As any experienced realtor will tell you, now is the best time to purchase new homes in Corona, CA before the market hits its hottest.

A New Construction is Your Best Bet

Once you’ve decided to buy a home in Corona, buying a new construction homes is a smart way to go. There are currently very few builder communities for new homes in San Jacinto, Corona, and surrounding areas, and this leaves home buyers a more amazing investment opportunity than they will get when renting.

Some benefits of new constructions over rental properties are:

  • Building a community – you’re more likely to encounter a healthy mix of new arrivals and old-timers when you live in builder communities, making it easier to get into the community spirit than in rental buildings with high turnover
  • Modern layouts – a new construction gives you freedom to choose your layout, select flooring, appliances, and other elements, as well as take advantage of modern benefits such as energy efficiency
  • A clean slate – should you decide to rent, you’ll likely wind up in a place that’s already been lived in. In contrast, buying a new construction gives you the pleasure to create your own milestones in a home you completely own

If you still have a few lingering doubts, asking yourself a few questions might be the push you need to make a final decision.

Important Questions for Home Buyers

It’s hard to make an informed home buying decision without a realtor on your side. Since you’ll be buying new construction homes, however, make sure to work with realtors who have particular experience in this niche. It’s even if they have a mortgage partner with direct ties to national home builders to help you score the best possible deals.

Once you find the right realtor, they can help you answer these essential questions that home buyers should ask themselves:

  • Do you want to stop paying off someone else’s mortgage like you do when you rent?
  • Would you like to discover what opportunities builder communities will offer to new buyers like you?
  • Do you want to enjoy historically low rates, given that they can only be expected to rise in the coming months?
  • Do you want complete control about the place you’ll be living in?
  • Are you ready to live in a vibrant, dynamic community with small town comfort and big-city amenities?

Realtors for Corona, San Jacinto, and Eastvale new homes can help you make sense of these questions and how it will impact your home buying decision. Whatever you decide, one thing is clear – buying new construction homes in charming cities like Corona offer a much richer, more fulfilling investment that renting in general.

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