What is Blockchain and Its Advantages for Digital Marketers



Popularly known as the technology behind for cryptocurrency, the blockchain is disrupting industries in an unprecedented way. Due to its revolutionary benefits, digital marketers are now asking what is blockchain and how it can transform the way they market online.

If you are a digital marketer or a party that frequently uses online ad services, it is time to look at how the blockchain can boost security, efficiency, and profitability of web campaigns.

3 Advantages of the Blockchain for Digital Marketing

The digital marketing blockchain is still at its infant stages, but it is already showing significant potential. Below are three benefits it offers to digital marketers:

  1. Verify digital identities with 100% accuracy.

Bots, or fake accounts without an actual human user behind them, have become a widespread problem for online marketers.

For instance, if you are marketing on Twitter, bot accounts can inflate your follower count. This inflation skews your ad impressions, making it appear like you are reaching more people when, in reality, only a small audience sees your ads. As a result, you waste much of your ad budget on useless clicks and views made by fake accounts.

It is virtually impossible to fake your identity on the blockchain. The technology allows digital marketers to add extra security layers, such as two-step verification, to filter out bot accounts. It also enhances trust between platforms and users who are starting to understand what is blockchain. Users only have to confirm their identities once for the blockchain to record it. They retain full control over their information throughout the process.

  1. Track massive amounts of data for media buys with ease.

Direct advertising on the web involves monitoring a large amount of data. One such example is Pay-Per-Click campaigns. PPC advertisers buy ad spaces on Google and other platforms, all of which have different ways of managing payments and charging for impressions. It is easy to make errors when you are going back and forth on each platform, trying to keep track of ad performance and profit.

Through the blockchain, media buyers can manage multiple accounts and campaigns simultaneously. All transactions are secure, and every click and payout for ads get recorded in real-time. It becomes more efficient to check if you are getting the ad mileage you bought.

Media buyers also get access to useful analytics and details about the campaigns, since the blockchain records all data that happens to the transactions.

  1. Handle social impressions more efficiently.

Tracking impressions are the key to effective social media marketing campaigns. They show marketers what works and what does not. For example, impressions can tell you that your campaigns are reaching many people but is producing low engagement.

Blockchain technology can help marketers record, store, and analyse social media impressions, such as the exact number of times, time of day, and through which platform people view a post. This capability allows digital marketers to refine their strategy accordingly.

Boost Your Campaigns with a Brand Ambassador for Blockchain Companies

Before long, the blockchain is set to replace old digital marketing methods and transform the digital marketing landscape. Digital marketers can beat the competition by investing in the blockchain and harnessing its advantages for digital marketing. Contact a blockchain investment company and consult a brand ambassador today to get started.

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