Want to Try Infrared Saunas? Get These Five Best Sauna Accessories!

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Many people undergo infrared sauna treatments at a health club, spa, or even at a doctor’s office, while others purchase and build one in their homes. If you decide to give an infrared sauna a try, it’s important to know these five best sauna accessories to level up your sauna experience and achieve a healthier lifestyle!

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5 Best Accessories for Infrared Sauna if Your Goal is to Lose Weight

Do saunas help you lose weight? What accessories should you bring in infrared sauna sessions? Many people are arguing about these questions when in fact these question are easy to answer. If your goal is to lose weight in infrared saunas, get these five amazing accessories:

  1. A Good Audio System

    Playing relaxing music is essential in your infrared sauna treatment. A good audio system activates your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible in conserving energy. It slows down heart rate, relaxes muscles, and increases intestinal and gland activity.

    There are two practical options in setting a good audio system. The first one is to use an audio player that can connect to your smart device. The second option is to set up speakers with wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you can control it directly from your smartphone.

  2. A Wooden Backrest

    Most infrared saunas have a small wooden bench with a flat back wall that contains the carbon fiber heating panels and aren’t the most comfortable when sitting on. If you want to overcome this dilemma, getting a wooden backrest is your ultimate solution.

    Wooden backrests are definitely one of the best investments to ensure that your sauna experience is relaxing and enjoyable. These amazing accessories come with various designs from a straight incline to curved lower lumbar support. So instead of worrying about does sauna help lose weight, it is best to get your wooden backrest and start your sauna sessions.

  3. An Ideal Sauna Towel

    You probably know that the answer to the question, do saunas help you lose weight, is 100% yes and getting the best accessories is absolutely important in your sauna experience. Then this third accessory is also an obvious choice, an ideal sauna towel.

    The ideal sauna towel is different from a regular bath towel. It is smaller, thinner, and less fluffy. This accessory also helps you to signal your brain that it is time to relax and calm down. Since it is not ideal to use your bath or shower towels when entering an infrared sauna, it is vital to purchase the best sauna towel as one of your essential sauna accessories.

  4. A Color Light Therapy or Chromotherapy

    Setting the perfect blend of lighting colors also plays a critical role in your infrared sauna experience. Just like playing a relaxing music, visualizing a beautiful and pleasant surrounding can help you relax and meditate. Below are the two great options to set the lighting in your infrared sauna:

• Light panels are designed to provide soft and gentle light in the color range that you want.

• Higher-end models of light panels ensure a range of colors that you can easily modify with a remote control.

To guide you on which color range to choose, check out the number of resources and guided meditation on how to set up your infrared sauna chromotherapy lighting.

  1. An Aromatherapy Kit

    Now that you have learned that music and lighting are vital factors in your sauna experience, know that certain smells can invoke so much tension or relaxation in your body. Getting an aromatherapy dispenser and warmer, along with a wide variety of quality essential oils, offer some amazing opportunities to elevate your relaxation, rejuvenation therapy, or meditation during your sauna sessions.

So instead of asking questions like, does sauna help lose weight? Or Is there a risk associated with going to an infrared sauna? Why not get these five superb accessories for sauna and live a healthier life!

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