The Pros and Cons of Veneers According to Cosmetic Dentists in Mission Viejo


Cosmetic dentists in Mission Viejo can work wonders for your teeth, especially with improving numerous smiles all around the country! If you’re looking for a new smile to show off, then getting veneers can be the best option for you!

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Pros and Cons of Getting Veneers

Like most procedures done by dentists in Mission Viejo, CA, veneers can come with an array of advantages, while also coming with its fair share of disadvantages:


  • A Good Way to Restore Dental Cosmetic Problems

Teeth can look chipped, cracked, or even gapped, which opens the door for getting veneers done for your teeth. Since getting veneers is the application of thin porcelain or resin to your teeth, this can help fix some chips on your teeth thanks to the substance filling the damaged parts.

  • A Whiter Smile

Not only can it restore your teeth, it can also give you a new and whiter smile to enjoy! Veneers are a great way to fix discoloration issues on teeth, giving you a set of teeth even more refined than before!

  • More Durable Teeth

Veneers serve as a shell that protects your outer teeth, albeit a more durable one at that! Getting veneers are great to consider if you want a more durable set of teeth, making it very assuring for the long run should you decide to get them.


  • An Increase in Tooth Sensitivity

There have been cases of patients experiencing tooth sensitivity soon after getting veneers, which according to most dentists, is a normal case for the first 24 hours after getting veneers.

  • It’s Irreversible

One of the main cons that veneers are usually associated with is the fact that it is irreversible. Since your teeth are essentially shaped to your liking with veneers, this can drastically alter the appearance of your teeth for good.

  • It Can be Expensive

Above all, it can be a really expensive procedure to have. For a procedure that can be seen as minor by many pediatric dentists in Mission Viejo, the price tag that comes with it can be a bit pricey for many, which can really put a dent in your wallet for the sake of style.

Why You Should Still Get Veneers for Your Teeth

While these pros and cons can stir some doubt in getting veneers for your teeth, knowing what they can do for you can be a good reason to get them nonetheless! The fact that veneers can give you a new and improved smile to showcase is the essence of the procedure, and with the creativity you can showcase for the veneers you want, veneers is one of the best procedures you can have for your teeth!

Thanks to the numerous cosmetic dentists around Mission Viejo, veneers are also one of the most available procedures anyone can have. So, if you’re looking for a great shine for your teeth, why not pay your local dentist a visit and get the teeth you want!

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