The Numerous Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass in St. Louis, Missouri

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If you are working with synthetic grass in St. Louis, you know by now that it could be utilized for plenty of landscapes. 100% manufactured in the U.S., artificial grass is built to stay green all year round and have incomparable drainage. Technological advantages have also helped it become more dependable than usual grass.

What’s more, synthetic turf has a ton of environmental benefits. This may come as a surprise since the grass is made from artificial materials. Yet, it lives up to this purpose effectively

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How Synthetic Grass Helps in Our Environment

Even if artificial grass is no more real than its natural counterpart, it has astonishing advantages. Here are just some of the environmental benefits you can get from artificial grass:

  • Save water

Because artificial turf requires little water to be maintained, it is a good material for turfs compared to natural grass. Natural grass would still need watering, whereas artificial grass need only be cleaned when it is dirty. In addition, every square meter of synthetic turf will help you save 2,200 gallons per year. Annually, artificial turf would help conserve up to around 8 billion gallons.

  • No use of harmful pesticides

You need pesticides to keep your grass healthy and free from insects. Pesticides are not only irritating to the senses; they can also be harmful as a whole to the air and surrounding grounds. Pesticides can also destroy surrounding water, bringing about algal bloom. As artificial turf does not attract insects, you no longer have to worry about using harmful pesticides!

  • Made out of recycled plastic

Many think that since St. Louis artificial turf is made of plastic, it helps made out of recycled plastic so it that extra waste need not be produced.  Even the artificial grass used is itself recyclable. The grass is cut, melted, and converted into pellets. The pellets can then be used to make extruded plastic materials, such as pellets.

  • Save on energy

Because natural grass continually grows, you would still need to trim it now and then with a lawn mower. With artificial grass, you no longer have to use a lawn mower, and are able to save energy in the process. In addition, you also lessen noxious equipment that can come from mowers. For example a push mover can emit pollution equalling 11 cars, while a riding mower puts out the same amount as 34 cars. By using artificial grass, all that emission is eliminated.

  • Can last for many years

Since artificial grass is long-lasting, you don’t need to replace the turf very often. The best turfs come with a warranty of 15 years. If the turf does need to replaced, you can easily repurpose the old artificial grass for different purposes, such as ground coverings for animal shelters and dog runs.

Ecologically Friendly Turf

When you begin installation of artificial turf in St Louis, keep in mind that you are using environmentally friendly and sustainable designs that are sustainable. Even once die-hard natural grass fans are convinced that once you use synthetic turf, you’ll never go back because of its huge advantages. Fill your landscapes now with aesthetically stunning and high-quality turf, and do your part for our earth’s environment!

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