The Elements of a Minimalist Bedroom: A Focus on the Furniture


Bedroom decoration often takes a backseat to kitchen or living room design. However, having an amazing bedroom that’s both relaxing and easy on the eyes can contribute a lot to your overall happiness. In addition, the rise of the minimalistmovement has given birth to an incredible trend of bedrooms with a clean and open look. If you think this fits your style, here are some tips to get you started on that redesign.


  • Clean Lines for the Bed Frame
    A minimalist bedroom is not the place for a canopy bed or a bed with lots of decorations and parts. When looking for a bed, look at the bedframe first. Choose one with clean, symmetrical lines. Keep in mind that your bed will be the focal point of the room so you want it to set the tone.
  • Add a Pop of Color with an Accent Chair
    In a minimalist space, color always has a purpose. There’s no explosion of patterns, textures, and hues. Instead, pops of color are preferred to maintain the clean aesthetic while making it more exciting. Adding an accent chair, perhaps one with elegant velvet accents, is an excellent way to do this. Find a corner of your room that you want to make into a cozy nook and park your accent chair there to enhance the style and ambience.
  • Open Up the Space with Lighting
    An open, spacious look is one of the defining elements of a minimalist bedroom. Good lighting will help you achieve this. Some essentials are bedside lamps, and you can throw in a statement pendant light to add to the atmosphere.
  • Keep the Storage Simple
    You need space for your essentials. This gives you another opportunity to develop that minimalist aesthetic. You might want to add some shelves to the walls, making sure they feature clean lines as well. To keep your things out of the way, think about purchasing some stylish and space-saving boxes.
  • Consider a Bed Bench
    In a minimalist bedroom, the ideal furniture can be used for various purposes. An end-of-the-bed bench is an excellent example. To start, they are functional and ultra-stylish. You can use your bed bench as a seat, a space to hold stuff like clothes or books. It can also provide some contrast, If you decide to go for luxurious bedding, then a bare bed bench can balance it out.

Finally, having a minimalist bedroom doesn’t mean you have to keep it sparse and drab. Show off your personality with some carefully-selected art pieces, greenery, or other decorations that will make your bedroom truly your own.

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