Sit and Be Slim: Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?


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Do saunas help you lose weight? This question is definitely tempting to look up because being immobile does give people comfort, e?

Sometimes, just sitting after a long day of work or during weekend mornings seem to be a thing that weary folks would give everything just to savor such moment. If only siting can help you cross out items in your life goal checklist like traveling the world, yada, and of course, the big item which is losing weight.

But does spending time in a sauna really help you lose weight? That is easy to resolve, and the answer is a definite YES!

Sweating in Saunas can Shed Weight

This is very basic.  Sweating, not just in saunas, can help you lose water weight, which can also be immediately be replenished upon next intake of meals. In essence, simply sweating does not get you far. Get this, too: sauna does not directly affect fat loss.

Subtle Help through Stress Reduction

Weight loss through sauna can be indirectly related to other forces and factors working in the process. A sauna session can subtly help you lose weight by alleviating stress.

Stress can work both ways — it can either make you lose or gain weight. For the latter end of the spectrum where stress increases weight, sauna can come very handy. One example where stress could lead to weight gain is when you experience lack of sleep, which can affect hormones like leptin and ghrelin to shoot up your appetite and magnify your weight.

Tip: Hydrate Yourself Well

Now that the sauna-related factors in losing weight have been spelled out, trying the hot box as part of weight loss routines would not hurt as long as important reminders like hydrating are kept in mind.

A Harvard Health article discussed that an average person loses a pint of sweat in a brief sauna session. Hence, the same article suggests an intake of two to four glasses of cool water after the activity.

In addition to avoiding dehydration, being well-hydrated also means better chances in losing weight.  Medical News Today listed ways on how drinking water can help in weight loss:

  • It suppresses appetite
  • It can help burn calories
  • It facilitates body waste removal
  • It reduces overall liquid calorie intake
  • It facilitates fat burning
  • It sustains you during workouts

Talk about these facts and tips the next time somebody asks you “does sauna help lose weight?” Some people would easily go into sauna without knowing the facts and might not be doing it safely, while other people might deprive themselves of the fun because of being over cautious of whether or not the sauna weight loss is a myth.

Again, sauna can subtly affect weight loss and there’s nothing wrong in making it as part of your fitness routine, just make sure of the correct ways to do it and that you have the right sauna accessories with you.

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