Sharpen Your Eyesight for Shooting Sports with Corrective Eye Surgery


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Poor eyesight is a critical impairment in shooting sports. Without proper vision, your ability to pinpoint your target and calculate the force and distance to hit it is diminished. Conventional treatments such as glasses and contacts won’t cut it, especially when it comes to fast-paced shooting sports like paintball. This is where corrective eye surgery comes into play.

Corrective eye procedures like Lasik will allow you to compete unimpeded with vision issues. They can treat myopia, hyperopia, and other refractive eye problems.

Shooting Sports You Can Keep Playing with Corrected Vision

Get excellent eyesight for years without the upkeep hassles and misplacement risks that come with prescription glasses and contact lenses. Have your vision corrected with laser surgery to continue participating in these vision-focused activities:

  • Darts – When it comes to playing darts, you need to zero in on a target with a flick of your hand. Having a clear vision will help you reduce the margin of errors and enhance your throwing accuracy.
  • Archery – While bows and arrow are large enough for you to carry, aiming requires excellent eyesight. Blurred vision and compromised depth perception can ruin your chances of hitting your mark. Get Lasik surgery to keep your eyes keen without relying on cumbersome glasses and contacts.
  • Gun Shooting Sports – Aiming at target is easy even with compromised vision. Hitting it accurately, however, is another story. To get a clear shot, you need to have 20/20 vision. Clear eyesight will help you ace accuracy, precision, and speed proficiency competitions.
  • Paintball – Unlike other target sports, paintball involves fast-paced movement. Keen eyesight is crucial in this sport, not only to avoid getting hit but also to shoot moving targets.

While you can partake in these physical activities with contact lenses or glasses, having a laser corrected eye will lessen your dependence on these visual aids. Moreover, since Lasik comes with no risk of loss or misplacement, you can focus solely on your game.

Corrective Eye Surgery Technology

While refractive eye surgery as an investment doesn’t come cheap, it will pay off in the long run. This is why, just like in your favorite shooting sport, you should seek out your target surgery with ample awareness and preparations.

Lasik surgery costs vary depending on the procedure and the doctor in charge of the operation. Here are some of the instruments used by practitioners of the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles:

  • VisuMax Laser

A groundbreaking instrument designed for eye correction surgery, the VisuMax laser cuts the cornea precisely while gently applying the treatment. It covers a wide array of corneal surgery techniques, including precise cutting for Femto-Lasik, corneal transplants, incisions for intracorneal tunnel segments, and ReLEx SMILE.

  • WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser

The latest, FDA-approved WaveLight EX500 reduces corneal dehydration, minimizes fixation fatigue, and gives way to perfect centration during the procedure. Its cutting-edge abilities include:

• Highest precision eye-tracking technology
• Fastest speed for excimer laser at 500Hz
• Can carry out topography-guided Lasik

Perfect Your Aim with Keen Eyes

With precise laser instruments that hit their corneal target and surgeries led by experienced ophthalmologists, you can sharpen your eyesight with corrective eye surgery. Get the procedure for more bullseyes in your shooting sport.

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