Reasons You Should Try Cryotherapy in Gyms in Van Nuys


Aside from the usual work out equipment, some gyms in Van Nuys are offering amenities that will further help you obtain well-being. One of these services is cryotherapy, a process in which the body is exposed to extremely low temperature for several minutes. During the process, an individual will have to stand in an enclosed room with a temperature of about negative 200 to 300 degree Fahrenheit for about two minutes and 30 seconds.

This is a good addition to fitness centers, although some might add a little fee for cryotherapy in Sherman Oaks. It was said to provide numerous health benefits even in just one session.
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What are the health benefits of cryotherapy?

Here are some of those benefits which will surely convince you to incorporate cryotherapy to your daily or weekly gym routine.

  • It helps with mood disorders.
    If your mood has been constantly changing for the past days or week due to unexplainable reasons, you may have to try cryotherapy. The very low temperature induces the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins which are happy and energetic hormones. A surge in the amount of these hormones in the body can lift up your mood, thus helping you get through anxiety and depression.

• It helps heal migraines.
Cryotherapy cools and numbs the nerves. As it cools the nerves in our necks, the pressure seems to loosen, thus lessening migraine. This is based on a study which found out that applying a neck pack with two frozen ice packs reduce the pain caused by migraines.

• It may help dissolve minor tumors.
There are times when cryotherapy is used for cancer treatment. In this process, the cancer cells are being frozen and surrounded with ice crystals so that it will be dissolved.

• It may prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
This is one of the newly discovered benefits of this treatment due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects that can stop the stress responses of the brain which cause Alzheimer’s. However, more research on this subject need to be conducted.

• It improves skin and can cure skin diseases.
Cryotherapy increases the body’s antioxidant levels, which is good for the skin. It was also said to treat atopic dermatitis which is characterized by dry and itchy skin. Moreover, there is another study saying that this method targets the sebaceous glands, thus addressing acne problems. Some gyms in Sherman Oaks have cryotherapy facial offerings.

These are just some of the many benefits of cryotherapy in our physical bodies. Aside from these, it may also relax you and strengthen your muscles and nerves. Aren’t these reasons enough to combine this one with your work out?

Just remember that above all these, your main priority in availing membership in a fitness center is to achieve well-being. Never get into it just because others are doing it nor because somebody else forced you to. This is a personal decision and an individual choice. So if you have decided, you can visit the nearest gyms in Van Nuys for inquiries.

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