Practical Money-Saving Perks of Synthetic Grass in St. Louis

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It takes a lot of money to keep a natural lawn healthy and beautiful. From equipment and tools to maintenance chemicals, real grass can force homeowners to dedicate a big chunk of their budget just for the backyard. Worse, these expenses will continue as long as you have a natural lawn. If you’re tired of pouring money into your yard, consider replacing it with synthetic grass in St. Louis and save more with turf.


How much does lawn maintenance cost?

According to Home Guide, mowing services cost an average of $25 – $50 in the US. The final amount still depends on the size of your lawn. Keep in mind that backyards need mowing several times a month to keep them at the optimum height, so you’ll need to shell out even more for mowing alone.

Now, mowing is just one aspect of your lawn maintenance expenses. Home Guide shares a run-down of average prices for common yard-care tasks:

  • Leaf Removal: $50 to $80
  • Weeding: $20 to $40 per hour
  • Seeding: Around $700 for a professional
  • Fertilizing: Around $60 per application
  • Landscaping: Anywhere from $3000 to $15, 950 and up

Those figures don’t include other essential tasks such as aeration, winterization, watering, cutting, hedging, and gardening costs. You also need to budget for seasonal maintenance every year.

Of course, you can opt to do these yourself. If you decide to forgo professional maintenance, be prepared to shell out for the upkeep materials and equipment yourself. You also need to dedicate a lot of time and effort working on your yard for as long as you have real grass.

For many homeowners, the hassle and expense of yard work are simply not worth it. While artificial turf in St. Louis is an investment, it also offers impressive savings in the long run.

How You Can Save Money with Artificial Grass

Switching to synthetic turf eliminates most lawn chores that can drain your budget. Below are a few savings you can enjoy with turf:

  • No more excessive water bills

No more spending too much on your thirsty lawn! Artificial grass significantly cuts down the amount of water your yard consumes.

  • No more spending on lawn chemicals

Artificial grass in St. Louis, MO is not a live lawn, so you don’t need to buy fertilizers, weedicides, and pesticides just to keep it under control.

  • No more mowing, cutting, and other maintenance expenses

Before installing your turf, you’ll be able to decide how thick and high you want your lawn to be. Once you have the ideal pile height and weight, it’ll stay the same throughout the life of the turf. You never need to spend a cent on mowing and similar upkeep chores again.

  • No more seasonal upkeep expenses

Turf stays beautiful and perfectly manicured throughout the year. You don’t have to pay for winterization or spring cleaning anymore. Pick up the debris, brush the turf, and rinse it out from time to time to keep it clean and gorgeous all year long.

Synthetic Grass in St. Louis: The Practical Choice

Save money, time, and effort with artificial grass! When you don’t have to waste resources on your outdoor area, you can spend more time enjoying your lawn with friends and family. Contact your local installers and get the ball rolling on this fantastic backyard upgrade!

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