Nipping them in the Bud: Precautionary Measures for Bee and Wasp Removal


One of the most bothersome things is a collection of bees or wasps in your backyard. Not only is the colony an obstruction; the bees and wasps can sting you and other people, too. While there are services for bee and wasp removal, it’s better if the bees don’t come there in the first place. You have to find a way to stop them before the situation becomes worse.

Stop the Onset of Bees and Wasps

Thankfully, you can outsmart these crafty little creatures. Here are the ways you can stop the onset of bees and wasps in your area.

Wasp on honeycomb. Wasp get out from honeycombs

  • Maintain a clean and proper environment
    Bees and wasps move into yards at surprising times. To prevent them from taking over, make sure that you do the following:
  • Take out unwanted food and pet food
  • Cover the trash cans
  • Put away fragrant objects, like perfume and lotion
  • Inspect the place for holes where the bees and wasps move in
  • Set up decorative decoys for the wasp

By doing these things, you will be able to prevent bees and wasps from coming into your house.

  • Grow plants that repel bees and wasps
    Bees and wasps prefer to breed in places where there are plants, particularly flowers. To avoid this situation, lessen the flowers you have in the yard. In their place, grow plants that serve as repellants for wasps. Examples of wasp-repellant plants are:
  • Spearmint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wormwood
  • Citronella

Not only do these plants drive away wasps, they also beautify the place. They are just as effective as a wasp exterminator near me in driving away bees and wasps.

  • Set up artificial bee and wasp traps
    You can buy bee and wasp traps from specialty stores and over the internet. If you wish to save on expenses, you can also make a makeshift trap on your own.Make this trap by setting a cotton pad and placing peppermint oil on it. Arrange them in areas where wasps tend to loiter or build nests. Examples of places to put it include ledges and porches.
  • Use food as bee and wasp repellants
    Food can be used to lure bees and wasps. By luring them, they will be steered away from the spots in your yard that they aim to infest. Examples of traps and bait you can set up the wasp nest include:
  • Cut-up pieces of pears and mangoes in sandwich bags
  • Scattered cucumber peels
  • Containers of water mixed with sugar

While seemingly innocent looking, these traps are effective in luring bees and wasps. Once they’re in the mixture, they will find it hard to escape.

Get the Bees to Buzz Off

In your own little way, you can keep bees and wasps from growing their colonies. If the abovementioned measures are taken and the pests still come around, you can opt for bee removal in Orange County. But like they say, prevention is better than cure, so prevent their arrival and cut the losses on your end!

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