Major Perks of Installing Realistic Artificial Grass for San Antonio, TX Homes

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Get the lawn you want without all the hassle by installing realistic artificial grass in San Antonio, TX! Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is a smart solution for elevating your home’s aesthetic appeal and adding value to your property.

Strawberries in a wooden box on grass. A group of strawberries inside a wooden box resting on a background of (artificial) grass. Very detailed photo taken with macro lens, full of details.

What makes realistic artificial grass the better option compared to natural turf?

According to a report published by the Synthetic Turf Council, more than 5,500 synthetic grass fields are installed around the United States. Many residential and commercial property owners are now switching to artificial turf lawns. Here’s why:

  1. Pets love it.

Pet-friendly artificial grass for pets in San Antonio is now becoming the norm. Homeowners need a safe space for their furry friends to frolic without worrying about acquiring dirt or attracting pests. Synthetic grass for dogs addresses these real grass problems and more.

    • It provides pets a comfortable play area that stays dry and compact even if they get a bit overzealous.
    • It prevents digging, therefore eliminating unsightly holes that typically track mud and dirt throughout the house.
    • It doesn’t attract pests and weeds.
    • It feels life-like, so your pet wouldn’t know the difference!
  1. It is durable.

Realistic artificial grass is made from recycled materials, making it less susceptible to external damage compared to natural grass.

    • It quickly gets back to shape even after prolonged use and high foot traffic.
    • It comes with an 8 to 15-year warranty.
    • It is UV-resistant.

Another great thing about artificial turf is it promotes sustainability. Synthetic grass can be recycled to create new products like synthetic mats. Advances in technology have made this possible, and there’s continued research on how to better improve the sustainability of artificial turf.

  1. It is safe for kids.

Kids love to play outside the house. This is why communities need safe and accessible play spaces. Today, more and more homeowners are switching to artificial grass to promote the health and wellness of kids even during play time.

    • It eliminates the need for weedicides, pesticides, and insecticides. Without these harmful chemicals that are required to maintain natural turf, you are providing your kids with a totally safe play space.
    • It does not attract pests and insects that can attack your kids and trigger allergies.
    • Unlike its natural counterpart, artificial grass does not produce pollen – a major cause of allergic reactions. In addition, it kicks up ground dust and other airborne contaminants that can trigger allergies.
  1. It offers versatile applications.

Popular synthetic grass in San Antonio is not just for lawns – you can install it in various locations or use it as home décor. For instance, it can serve as bathroom wall surrounds or as bedroom accents. You may also opt to cut the grass into smaller pieces and use them as carpeting or welcome mats. Get as creative as you want with artificial grass!

  1. It is easy to clean.

A significant advantage of installing artificial grass on your lawn is it gets rid of all the mowing and watering required in maintaining real turf. Now, you won’t have to worry about dry leaves scattered everywhere or stubborn weeds growing around your lawn.

In addition, synthetic turf comes with a smart drainage system that quickly drains the water down into the infill. Even if it rained hard, you won’t have to worry about tracking muds and puddles. It also gets rid of emanating odor, so even if your dog makes a mess, you can simply pick it up and let the urine drain. Now that’s convenient!

Eliminate the Real Turf Hassles with Realistic Artificial Grass!

Who says lawn work has to be difficult? Get rid of your lawn woes by installing realistic artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. Contact your local artificial turf installer today and enjoy the perks of using synthetic grass in and out of your home!

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