Local Wedding Photographers’ Tips for Stunning Photography


When it comes to weddings, local wedding photographers have various techniques on how to capture the special day. Their works seem so flawless, you’d think they were able to snap them instantly. But in reality, these are results of years of practice.

In this article, wedding photographers finally reveal what they do to come up with stellar work.

Before the Wedding

  • Join another wedding photographer to practice
    If you are still trying to be comfortable as a shooter, you can volunteer to assist another photographer first. Professional photographers typically like to have another photographer as backup. They also offer pay to their assistants.On your part, you will be able to know the marriage’s sequence of events. You will also be able to view the photographer’s equipment and setup. Through keen observation and active participation, you will be prepared once it’s your turn to call the shots.
  • Set up a mock wedding
    You can also ask help from friends to help set up a mock wedding. As an incentive, you can treat them for a meal or give them a special token.Choose a location similar to the target couple’s. Have them pose in the way you imagine they’d appear in the wedding. Doing this allows you to practice choosing the right angles. You can also practice using your stock equipment.

During the Wedding

  • Start with the bride
    While it takes two to make a wedding, the bride is the real star of the show. With the glamorous dress and the stunning makeup, she should be the focal point of the photograph. Shoot numerous photos of her as much as you can. From the time she’s being made up, up to the march down the aisle — every angle should be captured gloriously.
  • Do behind the scenes photography
    Being early at the location will help you get a feel of it. Every nuance, every decoration, and every person present will create an impression in your mind about the wedding. Taking a few sample shots will help you in adjusting the lighting and background needed for the photo.
  • Photos of the wedding details
    The wedding cake and bridal car are important details of the ceremony. However, they usually get overshadowed by other nuances in the marriage proper. Give them a new shine by photographing them at several angles. They make for dramatic shots and add a fresh perspective to the wedding.
  • Numerous “people” shots
    Aside from the couple, the guests also have a part in telling the wedding’s story. Notably, the immediate family and friends of the couple. Capture candid shots of them, especially during the ceremony and at the reception. Such pictures will help heighten the ceremony’s importance as a celebration of love and family.

Create Magical Wedding Moments

Professional wedding photography can give you jitters, but the ceremony itself will have a lot of good moments to capture. Just practice shots before the big day as a warmup. On the day itself, the participants should relax, be confident and have fun!

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