Leesburg Dog Training for Good Manners and Proper Pet Behavior


Think Leesburg dog training is only limited to commands for dogs and obedience requesting? Think again! Now, dogs can also be taught good manners for all occasions!

dog trainingHearts in Harmony is introducing a series of Dog Classes for Good Manners! Their new program will not only inculcate manners into your pet, but will also strengthen your bond with them.

After years of working with pet dogs, the team has devised a curriculum that teaches manners in a gentle and compassionate way. By the end of the training, your dog will be a polite family and community member.  Sounds great, right?

Lessons are Open to Dogs of All Ages

If you have a puppy aged over six months, we strongly recommend that you join their classes. Dogs at a young age can pick up information faster. The sooner they learn proper manners, the better pets they would make once they mature. This will save you the extra effort of training them later on.

Worried that your dog’s quite old already? Worry not, as Hearts in Harmony’s classes are open to both puppies and grown dogs. When it comes to manners, dogs can pick it up at any age. Plus, the team have refined their training techniques to be suitable for all learning curves. So, rest assured it will be fun!

Convenient Class Times for Pet Owners

As pet owners, you also have other things to attend to in a week. This is why the Dog Manners Classes will be conveniently open on weeknights and Saturdays, limited to groups of four to five. This is to ensure that every dog will be given absolute attention for their training. With focused classes, you can be assured of fear-free dog training in Leesburg, VA.

Here are the classes they will be offering:

  • Basic Dog Manners Class

    Background: You dog will be given a solid foundation to become a well-mannered pet. Class will include socialization skills, impulse control, and good manner enforcement. It will incorporate games and focus exercises to build your dog’s confidence.

    What Lessons to Expect: Manners such as “sit,” “down,” “Leave it,” loose leash walking, polite greetings, and response when called.

  • Intermediate Manners Class

    Background: You dog will be taught to strengthen and perfect taught behaviors and commands (“leave it,” leash walking, polite greeting, etc.) under more distractive circumstances. We will also teach fun and games such as targeting and shaping.

    What Lessons to Expect: Supervised separation, handling, emergency cues for quick dog response, new commands (“Wait,””Stay,” “Go to mat.”).

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In addition to the Dog Manners classes, there are also small behavior focused classes and reactive dog classes for your pet. Such trainings will help your pet to know you more intimately, and vice versa.

Are you ready for this special Hamilton dog training series? Visit Hearts in Harmony’s page to know more!

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