Install Artificial Grass in Monterey for Your School Campus

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Many campuses still have natural grass surroundings, but artificial turf is fast becoming accepted on campus grounds. Install artificial grass in Monterey to create a conducive environment for studying and provide a respite from academics.

How Artificial Grass Improves Campus Grounds

Open spaces are as vital to schools as classrooms. They provide a balance between academic learning and socializing. Just like natural landscapes, artificial grass creates an inviting environment in schools of all sizes. Advances in technology has helped synthetic grass copy the texture and appearance of natural grass down to the slightest detail.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of synthetic turf on campus.

  • Dirt-Free

Imagine sitting in a field and not having dirt around. Artificial turf in Monterey, CA can do that for you. The dirt stays below the backing material, making it possible for people to sit on it without tracking soil on their clothes. This helps save laundry costs in taking stains out from children’ clothes.

  • Proprietary Drainage

High-quality synthetic grass has a drainage system which prevents it from gathering water at the surface. Composed of porous infill and specially designed backing, the grass easily reverts to its original appearance after a hard downpour. The drainage system also helps drain pet urine immediately, reducing the risk of odors on campus.

  • Helps in Improving Athletic Performance

Synthetic grass sports fields help athletes perform at their highest level. Similar to the material used for Pebble Beach putting green, the turf is created to comply with the conditions needed for the sport. Unlike natural grass, there are no patches or lumps that could interfere with a football rush or a slide into home base. Conquer all your district rivals with a highly competent synthetic playing grounds!

  • Drought-Resistant

Artificial grass stays perfectly green even in the midst of California droughts. It does not require regular watering to stay green, unlike its natural counterpart. Synthetic grass is also UV-resistant, so its color does not fade when exposed to the sun. With a lush and vibrant landscape, you have campus grounds that are ready for any season!

  • Save on Groundskeeping

Cut down on labor expenses for groundkeeping with an artificial grass landscape! No longer will you need water sprinklers to keep your school lawns perpetually clean. Say goodbye to your gas-powered lawnmower for good with a uniformly-structured landscape. You’ll be able to save on water and cut down on gas-emissions, reducing your carbon footprint.

Create a Sustainable Campus with Artificial Grass

Provide a conducive environment in your school now with synthetic grass landscapes. With many made-in-the-USA varieties of artificial turf to choose from, you can create on-campus landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and low in upkeep. To ensure that you get school surroundings that are world class, hire landscapers with the following traits:

  • Have years of experience under their belt
  • Possess a versatile portfolio of landscaping achievements
  • Flexible and patient in dealing with customers

Partner with a trusted name to install artificial grass in Monterey, and make your campus a place every student will enjoy being in!

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