Increase Branch Office Capabilities with the Cisco 2911 K9


Design a more efficient work environment without borders using the Cisco 2911 K9 routers, part of the industry-leading Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). Ideal for branch offices, Cisco 2911 routers empower small to medium enterprises with highly secure services for voice, data, videos, and other applications. The Cisco 2911 K9 router allows branch offices to grow while offering significant cost savings and paving the way for cloud-based services.

cisco 2911 k9

Cisco 2911: Key Business Benefits

The Cisco 2900 Series ISRs are engineered for the modern office environment. As a part of this series, the Cisco 2911 K9 offers the following advantages to branch offices:

  • A More Agile Network

    Cisco 2911 routers feature a modular architecture that can accommodate the changing needs of a growing branch. This includes a diverse range of connection choices, increased bandwidth, and network resiliency.

  • Service Integration

    Build a borderless network with integrated services covering data, video, voice, security, mobility, and wireless, all with the Cisco 2911 K9.

  • High Performance

    The demanding requirements of branch offices require a high level of performance that can be found in the Cisco 2911 K9. It can be deployed in high-speed WAN environments capable of concurrent services with speeds of up to 75 Mbps. For enhance routing performance, it also offers a multigigabit fabric (MGF) for module-to-module communication with high bandwidth.

  • Services on Demand

    The Cisco 2911 K9 allows branch offices to expand their operations and harness new capabilities through services on demand. Examples are:

    • Use a software license to activate the single Cisco IOS Software Universal Image installed on the 2911 K9. Quickly deploy more features without having to download a new IOS image, and support this enhanced capability with the built-in larger default memory.
    • Reduce capital expenditures with the Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE). Deploy numerous application services as necessary with just one integrated compute services module.
  • A More Energy-Efficient Network

    Cisco 2911 K9 routers are architected to optimize energy usage. The following are some of its energy-saving features:

    • Intelligent Power Management
    • Future support for Cisco EnergyWise Technology
    • Optimized energy usage and consumption of raw materials through services integration
    • Platform flexibility

    All of these, in addition to Cisco’s continuous improvement of software and hardware capabilities, significantly improve the way branch office networks use energy.

  • Investment Protection

    Invest in the Cisco 2911 for years of return. This series enables branch offices to reuse numerous existing modules to lower cost of ownership. For instance, Cisco 2911 routers can utilize a rich set of Cisco IOS software features that come from original ISRs, all delivered in a single universal image. This increases the flexibility of your network to adapt and expand without spending more on your routers.

Cisco 2911 K9 Routers: Leading Branch Offices into the Future

The Cisco 2911 K9, along with the rest of the Cisco 2900 Series ISRs, are what branch offices need to stay competitive and maintain high operational standards. These routers offer the best Cisco network security, agility, integration, and flexibility available today. Buy used and refurbished Cisco routers and switches from local suppliers and design a better branch office network today.

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