How Design and Real Estate Investing Mix


Real estate investing can come in different aspects: property, construction, investing, and most notably, design. In fact, all of the different aspects of media come together, thanks to the influence of media. With numerous reality shows that focus on real estate being shown in television sets around the world, the design and real estate investing sectors have been drawn closer together, ensuring an advance in the industry.

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Real Estate and Design

With both of these sectors now closer than ever, the overall real estate industry has widened its reach tenfold. There are numerous reasons that can help support the closeness of these two worlds. Here are some of the best ones to consider:

  • New Color Palettes Have Been Introduced

In late 2018, 42 new color palettes were made available for the industry, which are sure to add more value and personality to numerous properties for sale. According to the Colormix team, the ones responsible for bringing the new palettes to life, “every color has a character,” which can definitely widen the options of those looking to add a bit more personality into their homes.

Out of the 42 color palettes, there are six beautiful color combination groups that they have showcased, namely Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist, Raconteur, Shapeshifter, and Wanderer. The Colormix team believe that with these new color palettes, 2019 will be a good year for them and guarantee an increase in popularity amongst modern design and real estate trends.

This sheds a new light on the real estate industry. Aesthetic is one of the most important aspects of real estate that should always be considered for the buyer’s appeal—and with these new color palettes, design and real estate definitely mix well together.

  • More Homes are Given Unique Touches

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams , says that design for new homes should be a “voyage” of sorts, with each color combination having their own personality to fit with various buyers. For instance, Wadden describes the shapeshifter palette as a color combo that fits with visionaries and those who embrace technology, while the raconteur palette is best for those who love to get creative.

  • All Buyers are Still Able to Enjoy the New Colors Regardless of Choice

Another thing about the new color pallets is that while there are 42 new options for people to choose from, there are still “neutral” options that can be used should the buyer dislike the new palettes. This allows buyers to determine their own accents and options for their home, which is great for those with exclusive real estate membership statuses and homeowners alike.

The Unification of Two Worlds

The best thing about this entire milestone for Sherwin-Williams is that it adds a new dimension to real estate. Not only can it help guarantee sales or profit, it also tells a story with every touch of color added.

Overall, 2019 has shown to be full of surprises! With these new color palettes in store, the sectors of design and real estate investing are sure to blend well even better than before!

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