Fun Times in Your Premier Artificial Turf in Vacaville: 4 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Putting Greens at Home

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Roll of green artificial grass on new soccer field.Roll of green artificial grass on new soccer field.

You are an avid golfer! Of course, it makes sense for you to install your own putting green in your backyard. You know all the amazing benefits of having a premier artificial turf in Vacaville! For golfers, specifically, a putting green at your backyard means:

  • MORE time to practice your strokes
  • LESS time spent on the commute
  • MORE resources spent on more important things
  • LESS money spent on gas and club fees
  • MORE value for your home
  • LESS hassle for your game

But, not all of your family are golf fans. Your children might not even be big enough to hold a club. So how can you have fun with them in your sleek and nice putting green? We can help you with that! Here are four fun  things you can do on your putting green and let your family join in!

4 Fun Things to Do in Your Putting Greens

  1. Do some camping.

Do you like exploring the great outdoors? Do it from the safety of your backyard! Pitch a tent and join your kids in a mini camping experience. Show them the beauty of the night sky as you teach them stargazing. Share scary campfire stories while toasting marshmallows over a firepit. You can even have a theme. Play Cowboy and Indians and build your own teepee, and what’s more, you can leave the structure in the backyard as an added feature!

  1. Get wet!

Don’t have a space for a full-sized pool? Build your own! Gather a few stacks of hay and cover it with sturdy plastic and you got yourself your own D-I-Y swimming pool! Get wet with water games with your kids as you splash around your putting green confident that the top-of-the-line artificial grass will be perfectly safe after. If you’re not much into a bit of splashing around, you can put a trampoline and instead bounce away from your stress while the sprinklers are on — great activities for a hot summer day.

  1. Be energized with more sports.

Why not stay true with the area. Organize a mini-golf tournament with your friends. Rest assured they would love to experience the highest quality artificial putting greens in Vacaville. Or, you can do some sack race or involve your kids in a backyard scavenger hunt!

  1. Relax

You can name only a few things that are better than lounging in your backyard. With an artificial putting green, you can level it up! Set-up a hammock or a swing near the tree shades, or better yet, build a small man-cave for you and the boys, a she-shed for the wife, or a small playhouse for the kids. You can even have a custom-built table and chair set where the whole family can sit and relax and neatly collapse away when it’s time to putt some holes. Tie a white blanket between two poles, scatter blankets and pillows on your perfectly clean and safe artificial lawn and have a movie night!

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Are you ready to explore what else you can do? Level up your home and find the best installer of artificial grass near Vacaville, CA now!

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