Fun Facts about Your Modern Contemporary Sofa

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Have you ever experienced sitting down on your contemporary sofa in a bright Saturday morning, then randomly, seemingly ridiculous yet interesting questions pop up in your mind?

One of these questions may be, “Where did these sofas come from?” or “How many people have already seated on this couch?” or “Why do we always place these modern coffee table sets near the sofa?” and many other things that boggle our mind while we take some time off from work or school.

Well, here are some interesting facts about sofas that may amaze you and give some answers to your Saturday morning musings.

fashion model in a couch

Interesting Facts about Sofas

That sofa set may be contemporary but it all started from ages ago. Did you know that the term ‘sofa’ can be traced back to 2000 BC Egypt? It was derived from the Arabic word, ‘suffah’ which means ‘bench’.

Sofas were not made for aesthetics

You may be considering design, style, and vibe in choosing your contemporary sofa set, but when inventors first thought of making sofas, they were entirely made for comfort.

You have a wide range of choices

There are 17 known types of sofa and all of them were created for comfort. So if you think there are not enough choices, then maybe you have only seen a small portion of the sofa population.

Sofas are one of the most sturdy furniture items at your home

The average lifespan of a sofa, based on prominent furniture makers and designers, is eight years, one month, and eight days.

Do you have any idea how many of your life’s events will be witnessed by your current sofa? Well, it is expected to host approximately 782 visitors in its lifetime. It can stand your kids’ jumping up and down for at most 587 times. A total of 293 arguments with your romantic partner may happen on that couch of yours. In fact, out of the 489 nights an average sofa can be used as a bed, 293 of those are actually due to domestic dispute! But it can also witness over 1,100 kisses and 1,300 cuddles.

Moreover, with that lifespan, you may be able to watch about 782 movies and your sofa might be spilled on for over 1,600 times in its entire lifetime.

It sometimes serve as a piggy bank or drawer no one knows about

Based on its average lifespan, owners may find coins inside their sofa for at least three times a month. An average child is also said to lose about four toys and three socks at the back of the sofa in just a month!

Aren’t these fact so interesting? These numbers not only show us how sofas become an important part of our life but also what we can get if we choose a modern contemporary sofa with good quality. To do that, you have to go to a good furniture store that will give you the best choices.

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