Fight the Disadvantages of Natural Turf with Artificial Turf for Dogs in Santa Rosa

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Natural grass always makes for a great landscape. However, maintaining real grass can be time-and budget-consuming. With artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa, you can take away such difficulties that natural grass poses. Your house will also benefit from a more durable landscape that you and your family and friends will feel right at home in.

The Cons of Natural Grass

Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, so you’re not missing out if you have a synthetic turf surface.  While the scent of natural grass can’t be replicated, technology has helped its artificial counterpart achieve its look and feel, from the threading down to the colors.

Here are the disadvantages of natural grass that makes synthetic counterpart the better option:

  • Natural grass can die.

Natural grass has a limited lifespan. You would have to regrow the whole turf once it dies out. You don’t have to deal with the same dilemma with artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA. It lasts for more than a decade, and is backed by a 15-year warranty. What’s more, its longevity and aesthetic quality help in improving the value of your home once you decide to sell it in the future!

  • It requires expensive maintenance.

Caring for natural grass includes keeping it at a uniform length and free of pesticides. These require lawn chemicals and gasoline-powered mowers. Furthermore, it takes occasional upkeep to keep the grass looking vibrant and lush.

  • Real grass is destroyed easily and dries slowly.

Your dogs spend long period in the backyard. In return, the grass is exposed to their paws, causing it to wear down. Everyday foot traffic can hasten the damage on the turf blades, unlike its sturdy artificial counterpart.

  • Water consumption is needed.

Natural grass heavily relies on water to stay healthy. With gallons of water to keep grass looking its best, maintaining a natural lawn is a wasteful endeavor. Synthetic grass maintains a lush green whether you water it or not. You only need to hose it down to get rid of stains and pet poop or urine. Otherwise, you’re spared from a gargantuan water bill!

  • Heavy rains cause it to be muddy.

When rains pour, mud builds up on natural turf, which destroys the overall look of the place. Furthermore, dogs track the mud into the house, messing up your home’s floor. With a residential landscape made of artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa, dirt is kept below the turf’s backing, keeping your pet’s paws free of soil.

Switch to Artificial Grass Now!

More and more households recognize that a natural grass landscape is not as enticing as it once was. With improvements in artificial grass production, it’s time you make the switch as well! Hire an artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa now to create realistic-looking, low-maintenance, and durable landscapes for your house!

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