Excellent Synthetic Turf Qualities for the Best Putting Greens in Houston

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Highly-aesthetic, well-manicured, and built-to-last, the best putting greens in Houston may just be what your house needs, whether or not you’re a dedicated golfer. It‘s a good landscape to show off to your friends and practice your putting skills. In addition, it contributes to the resale value of your home.

Key Traits of the Best Synthetic Turf Used for Putting Greens

Some of the best putting greens are found in residential properties. The turf carpet is protected from the sunny Houston weather and stays green all throughout the year. Best of all, you don’t need to go outdoors to play on them. Focus on your swing and return to the house soon after!

Here are some of the turf characteristics you should look for to ensure high-quality home putting green installation:

  1. Realistic look and feel

While golf courses are renowned for using real grass, more and more residential and commercial property owners are now switching to synthetic putting greens. Thanks to new technology, artificial grass now highly resembles the look and feel of the course green, so you get the ideal golf experience.

  1. Tough and durable

Unlike regular grass, high-quality artificial turf installation in Houston, TX does not chip when hit. In addition, it does not crumple under foot traffic. All you need is to brush it up occasionally to retain its aesthetic appeal and quality. Best of all, it comes with 15-year warranty, providing you with your very own course for years to come.

  1. Efficient ball control

Artificial turf is based on putting greens found in golf courses to allow efficient ball control. With synthetic putting green, every shot you make is accurate!

  1. Little to no maintenance

Artificial turf hardly needs watering and is installed firmly, so weeds can’t penetrate it. It is also dirt-free, so you don’t need to mulch it. With its natural vibrant green appearance and dirt-free structure, you can save money on water bill and fertilizers.

  1. Excellent drainage system

Even during rainy season, the ideal synthetic grass for pets in Houston immediately dries up, thanks to its permeable drainage. The best kinds of turf have highly permeable backing that can drain over 200 inches of water an hour. Even if your dogs urinate on it by accident, it would drain the urine immediately.

  1. Customizable

Artificial turf can be shaped to conform to any design —you could put in more than one hole, or even place some curves and bunkers. You can also create different trims and siders.

Make Your Putting Green One of the Best in the Neighborhood

If you want to be the best, you’ve got to go with the best. Get only cutting-edge artificial turf that is made for putting greens, and transform your property into your very own golfing paradise. Call your local artificial grass company to help you install one of the best putting greens in Houston now!

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