Dental Implant Recovery Tips from an Implant Dentist in Mission Viejo


Getting dental implants is one of the best ways to restore a perfect smile and rebuild your confidence. Once you’ve made this decision with your implant dentist in Mission Viejo, the next step is to understand the recovery process to minimize complications and ensure great results.

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Factors that Affect the Dental Implant Recovery Process

Since every patient has unique oral conditions, there is no established recovery time for dental implant surgery. Several aspects are also factored in, including:

  • How many teeth have been implanted and extracted
  • Whether you needed bone grafting or not
  • Dental bone health
  • Overall health condition

The length of your recovery will also depend on the type of implant procedure you have to undergo. Surgery for dental implants in Orange County is generally classified into three:

  • Simple procedure – when only a single tooth is replaced, without the need for grafting, and with healthy bone
  • Moderate procedure – experienced by a majority of patients, can involve some swelling, bruising, discomfort, and a soft-food diet for a week or more after surgery
  • Difficult procedure – involves several implants with bone grafting, and may require a soft-food diet for a month or so after the surgery

No matter how complex your operation is, however, there are some things you can do to speed up the healing process.

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery Tips

The more you know about the recovery process, the better you can take care of yourself and reduce the risk for complications. Here are some rules to follow:

Before the Surgery

✔ Stop smoking two weeks before your operation

✔ Seek treatment for any gum disease or inflammation

✔ Arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up after the operation

✔ Arrange for a couple of days off work

After the Surgery

✔ Eat soft foods, and consult your orthodontist in Mission Viejo before resuming your normal diet

✔ Avoid extremely hot food and beverages like tea or coffee

✔ Do not drink from a straw until the site has fully healed

✔ Do not drink alcohol and stop smoking at least a week or two post-surgery

✔ Avoid sudden movements to prevent bleeding and discomfort

✔ Spend time resting in bed or sitting to help your body heal

✔ Regularly brush your teeth and implants softly

✔ Postpone strenuous activities such as exercising for a few weeks

Restore Your Perfect Smile with the Help of an Implant Dentist in Mission Viejo

Once the healing process is done, you can now enjoy your new set of beautiful, fully-functioning teeth. Some amazing benefits of dental implants are:

  • Natural look
  • Comfortable fit
  • Enhanced ability to chew and eat
  • Improved speech
  • Improved facial and bone features

If you think dental implants are the right choice for you, schedule a consultation with an orthodontic and pediatric dentist in Mission Viejo as soon as you can to determine if you are the right candidate.

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