Decorating with Clarence House Fabrics: Tips and Tricks

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Most homeowners don’t consider Clarence house fabrics when decorating their home. It’s a common misstep—one that you would do best to avoid. When seamlessly and strategically integrated into a space’s interior design, house fabrics can elevate any room’s overall aesthetics. Emphasis on “seamlessly” and “strategically.”

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Here are four brilliant tips and tricks when decorating with Designers Guild fabric materials.

  1. Hang colorful fabrics on blank walls.It’s a great way to add color and charm to large boring spaces. You can:
    • Put up the fabric like a scarf to give your wall a more textured look.
    • Spread the fabric out like a tapestry to occupy more wall space.
    • Frame the fabric to create a unique framed art.
    • Wrap canvasses of various sizes in fabric to form a cohesive wall art set.
    • Attach wood beams on the top and bottom parts of the fabric to make it look like a banner.

    Choose fabrics that go well with the items and furnishings near the wall. It’ll help ensure that they contribute to—not detract from—the room’s general aesthetics.

  2. Accent your windows with beautiful fabrics. There are a lot of creative ways to mount curtains on your windows. You can:
    • Create stenciled two flat sheets from your fabric for a unique look.
    • Develop your own roman shades from mini blinds and beautiful fabrics.
    • Mount a no-sew valance or decorative drapery on your window.
    • Create indoor canopies by hanging your fabric on rods attached to the wall.
    • Attach rods to your ceiling and hang your fabric there to accomplish a Moroccan-style look.

    Opt for fabrics that go well with your curtain style and general interior design. For instance, if you have a Greek blue theme going and you want to have a canopy, consider using blue and white dyed fabrics.

  3. Use fabrics to decorate your furniture.The simplest way to do this is to drape fabrics on your sofas and chairs. While it’s not the most practical approach, especially for households with children and pets, it is the fastest way to add something new to your furnishing.  You can also:
    • Create a cozy throw blanket from your Designers Guild fabric.
    • Complement your sofas with beautiful throw pillows.
    • Design unique pillowcases from your fabric.
    • Tie vibrant or patterned fabrics around pillows.
    • Use your fabric to come up with no-sew envelope pillows.
    • Make an ottoman out of thick soft fabric.

    Since most of these suggestions are used in tandem with furniture, pick fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and durable. Don’t worry. There is no shortage of Clarence house fabrics with these qualities.

  4. Elevate your dining experience with unique fabrics.There are a lot of ways to ingenious ways to enhance your dining room with fabric. You can:
    • Use fabrics as napkins and placemats.
    • Update your table runners and tablecloths with beautiful fabric.
    • Line a serving tray with fabric to make it more inviting.
    • Make your dining chairs more comfortable with cushions.

Don’t implement all these suggestions. Otherwise, you may end up oversaturating your space with Clarence house fabrics. Instead, determine which of these tips and tricks will go well with your room’s size and furnishings. Focus on them when you decorate to make the most of your fabrics.

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