Cosmetic Packaging Companies Answer the Top 5 Packaging Questions


Cosmetic aisles all over the country are crammed full of beauty products vying for consumer attention. How do you tell a story and captivate shoppers in a few seconds or less? Through beautiful and practical packaging, of course. According to cosmetic packaging companies, beauty products should be able to answer these questions through the package alone to successfully grab spotlight in a high-stakes industry.

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  1. What is this product, exactly?
  2. With just one glance at the package, the customer should immediately know what the product is. Is this a bottle of body lotion? Facial toner? A moisturizer or eye serum?

    Recognition is critical since people seldom read labels and base most of their purchase decisions on how the product looks. Therefore, this information should be upfront and center during the design process.

  3. How much waste will this produce?
  4. With people becoming more concerned about the environmental impact of what they buy, cosmetic products should steer clear of packaging that generates unnecessary waste.

    For instance, if you’re partial to hot fill plastic bottles for your product, search for co-packers that observe green practices. They can give you valuable input on how to use material efficiently and come up with a practical design that leaves behind as little waste as possible without sacrificing quality.

  5. “How do I open this?”
  6. If your customer has to ask that question, then the packaging has already failed. Complicated packaging is one of the most common complaints that customers have. If you’re selling a beauty product, it becomes a bigger concern — instead of making your customers look and feel better, they have to go through a lot of hassle before they even start using that cream or wash.

  7. Where is the emotional connection?
  8. The cosmetic industry is all about image and experience. The product should represent what the brand stands for, which means the package design should inspire positive feelings right off the bat.

    Therefore, make sure to work with a cosmetic packaging company that is faithful to the brand message in every step of the packaging process. This works best if you include your co-packer from conception to finish so that the branding stays consistent from the packing center to the shelves.

  9. What’s going on here?
  10. The enemy of good product design is clutter. Observe the most popular beauty products in the market today. Rarely will you see over-the-top aesthetics on the packaging. Instead, they stick to minimalist, elegant designs that give off a feeling of class.

    This doesn’t mean you need to settle for a bland package or limited colors; it’s possible to come up with a colorful package design that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s a good idea to tap tube filling companies that already specialize in cosmetics to help you weed out bad design from what works.

Beauty Starts with Good Packaging

To answer all of these questions, you need a co-packing company that fully understands the cosmetic industry. The package can make or break the product, and you need a team that goes an extra mile to help you conceptualize,  design, and perfect each packaging to ensure a fantastic output.

Whether your product needs pumps, roller ball containers, tubes, compacts, and sprayers, always make sure that the packaging stays beautiful inside and out.

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