Completing a BGP Course in the Philippines Gives You an Edge in the Industry


The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a kind of routing protocol that manages how packets are being routed across the Internet through the exchange of information between edge routers. It is used in the global Internet as well as in the service providers. Cisco certification training centers usually offer BGP course in the Philippines to further equip professionals in the information technology (IT) industry, helping them advance in their careers.

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How does knowing BGP help you advance in your IT networking career?

If you are an IT professional trying to figure out how to climb the ladder, learning and mastering BGP can give you a huge edge in the industry. Here’s why.

  • BGP is considered to be the hardest routing protocols to understand, design, and configure. Although it is highly configurable, it is slow to converge. It reacts to every change. Its size also adds up to the challenge.

    So imagine if there is one mathematical equation and only a few people, scattered across the world, can solve it. Imagine you are one of those people. You will surely expect the biggest universities in the world coming after you, inviting you to conduct the research for them. That can also be the case when it comes to BGP. Not every IT professional has undergone Cisco certification training in the Philippines and can understand this, so knowing about it can open up lots of opportunities for you.

  • It is the biggest and widely used protocol in the world. There is indeed no bigger protocol in the world than BGP for it carries all the traffic across the Internet. Since it is the one used in the Internet, BGP is also widely used nowadays that everything seems to be happening through the net, everything we do seems to be counted as traffic.

    If it is widely used, then this means that it can open up lots of career opportunities for you.

If these two are still not enough to convince you that learning BGP through a Cisco certification training course, what else can? Lots of professionals like you are already striving for the same certifications like you do such as Cisco certified network associate (CCNA) or professional (CCNP). You have to find the way to rise above them.

In a BGP course in the Philippines, you can learn all about the basic BGP concepts, operation, configuration, and implementation of this protocol, route filtering, and path control. It is also provided by a center that uses both hands-on and theoretical techniques in training, with a complete set of equipment needed for you to truly master this protocol. Moreover, it only takes five sessions to learn the topics mentioned earlier, from certified experts in the industry.

So if you want to add color to your curriculum vitae and advance your knowledge in Cisco routing, why not invest some time, money, and effort on learning BGP? With new career and growth opportunities, this will surely be worth it.

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