Celluma: The Revolutionary Low-LED Light Skin Therapy from Spas in Leesburg VA


Wrestling with skin concerns with aging, wrinkles, and acne at spas in Leesburg, VA? Try Celluma LED Light Therapy for every ache and pain that you have.

A cutting edge therapy, Celluma LED Light helps beat your skincare worries with the unconventional use of light. This is a far cry from past therapies, where lotions and creams are involved. It derives inspiration from nature; specifically from plants using chlorophyll for tissue manufacturing.


Amazingly, the treatment done on plants have also proven outstanding in humans. Since it is a convenient therapy method, local spas have embraced it and are now offering it to the public.

What Does Celluma Light Therapy Do?

Celluma is a low-level light therapy that has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some of the general  effects of LED Light Therapy include the following:

  • Treatment of blemishes
  • Improvement of cellular health
  • Lessening of appearance of fine lines
  • Promotion of anti-aging

By using wavelengths that are proven to stimulate fibroblasts for increasing collagen and elastin, low-level light therapy is a safe, effective, and convenient way to get a healthy and happy glow.

The Science Behind the Treatment

Here is a detailed breakdown of low LED light treatment at a Leesburg spa. First, the Celluma LED source emits light photons. These photons are then gathered in the mitochondria and cell membranes. The photons are then converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy form used by the skin cells.

From there, several metabolic events will bring about biochemical and cellular changes. These include:

  • Promotion of blood circulation
  • Destruction of acne bacteria
  • Improvement of skin tone
  • Easing of muscle and joint pain
  • Expediting tissue repair

LED light therapy, apart from enhancing skin cell performance, is a great supplement to massage in Leesburg, VA. Its effectiveness mainly lies in the fact that it is an all-in-one treatment system. Other treatments that claim to have the same effects usually still require you to purchase other parts for different sections in the body.

The Pros of Celluma Compared to Other Treatments

As a treatment, Celluma LED therapy has an edge in rival treatments because of the following:

  • It is safe and non-toxic.
  • It conforms to the treatment area for optimal effectiveness, compared other LED devices.
  • It can be used safely on any part of the body, and can cover large areas.
  • It is portable, clinicians can travel well using it.
  • There are three varying wavelengths to treat skin at different depths, from the very surface to the subcutaneous layers.
  • It is made up of incoherent light, which has been proven to be safe.

With visible results in a short period of time, more and more individuals have been flocking to spas to avail of Celluma. They have been able to get what they missed out on using traditional methods: amazingly exceptional skin care.

Don’t Miss Out on a Low-LED Light Treatment

With this revolutionary new treatment, you have the chance to give your skin the glow it truly deserves. This treatment is now more accessible to more people, so make the most out of this opportunity! Head on over to your favorite Leesburg spa and avail of this awesome treatment!

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