Be Free from Migraines with the Best Laser Eye Surgery in Los Angeles


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Migraines and poor vision is a chicken-and-egg situation: which came first? Regardless of the answer, the truth is that headaches and eye problems are intimately connected. Instead of relying on pain killers every time you suffer from migraines, schedule an eye exam instead. With the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles, you have a big chance of eliminating migraines for good.

Migraine and Eye Problems: A Painful Cycle

Migraines affect one inf four Americans, making it an extremely common brain disorder. Symptoms include blinding pain, vomiting, skin numbness, and nausea.

It affects vision as well, triggering light sensitivity, light aura, flashes of light or zigzag waves, spots, blurriness, and even visual hallucinations.

Worse, vision problems are also known to trigger migraines. If you have any of these eye conditions, chances are that you frequently experience headaches:

  • Farsightedness or Hyperopia

Uncorrected farsightedness can cause brow ache and headaches. This condition makes it difficult to focus on objects close by. This results to headaches around the forehead, pain around the eyes, and eye strain.

  • Presbyopia

Presbyopia often sets in during your 40s. It becomes harder to focus on near point objects, making things blurry when you’re reading, for instance. It requires more effort to visually focus, leading to migraines.

  • Nearsightedness or Myopia

Similar to farsightedness, migraines are triggered because a person typically squints and exerts more effort trying to focus and look at faraway objects.

  • Cataracts

Untreated cataracts get more severe over time. The eyes have to work harder to compensate for the clouding of the lens, resulting to migraines.

Lasik Eye Surgery versus Eyeglasses/Contacts

If headaches can be triggered by vision issues, shouldn’t prescription eyeglasses or contacts solve the problem?

Well, yes and no. Eyeglasses present a temporary fix. In addition, users typically experience eye strain after prolonged wear. They also get worse with time, which explains why people need to upgrade their prescriptions regularly.

In contrast, Lasik eye surgery gets to the root of the problem. It reshapes the cornea itself to correct astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and more.

How about the cost?

Sure, eyeglasses are much cheaper upfront. But you need them for life, and you’ll be spending thousands of dollars keeping up with your deteriorating sight anyway. Not to mention the inconvenience of losing them , limitations on your activities, and discomfort.

On the other hand, Lasik eye surgery cost in Los Angeles is an investment. Your vision is restored permanently, eliminating the need for contacts or eyeglasses.

In addition, you can’t put a price on the convenience, comfort, freedom, and improved quality of life offered by laser eye surgery. To top it off, Lasik financing makes it easy to afford the surgery without breaking the bank.

Be Migraine-Free with Lasik Surgery

Considering laser eye surgery as an option? Time to do your research!

Look for a Lasik center with the latest diagnostic equipment, a history of successful surgeries, and lots of positive testimonials from real patients. Reputable ones will gladly assist you with Lasik financing in Los Angeles if your situation requires it.

For a qualified Lasik candidate, freedom from migraines may soon be on the horizon.

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