Basic Training Reminders for Border Collie Puppies for Sale


Today is a great time to take advantage of an offer for Border Collie puppies for sale. More so if you manage properties with large greenery and ponds nearby. These places are grounds wherein the infamous Canada geese like to land. The germs and feces they bring are largely damaging to the environment, and Border Collies are the best breed to herd away the perky geese.

Getting a Border Collie while it is young will give you a head start in training it. From the get-go, Border Collies have proven themselves loyal pets and astute workers. Ultimately, though, it will depend on the training you give them.

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How to Train Border Collie Puppies

Here are some basics to remember when training your Border Collie:

  1. Make them aware of other people
  2. A Border Collie is among the smartest breeds of dogs, and has a penchant for doing mischief behind their owners. If kept unchecked, a Border Collie will be messing around the place, so train it to behave itself among people.

    At around 12 weeks, the Border Collie can be enrolled into training school. Around this time, the puppy can start receiving boosters from the vets. The faster it behaves around people, the faster it will be able to adapt.

  3. Be consistent in your training
  4. A Border Collie is a quick learner and can respond easily to commands. For it to fully recognize the command, a lot of patience is required. To make sure it fully understands you, break down the command into few, specific steps.

    When training the dog to do a command, make sure you have its whole attention. Make your instruction simple and clear enough for it to understand. If the command is “roll over,” repeat the training until it fully grasps the command.

  5. Encourage it often
  6. Border Collies are breeds that enjoy attention. While they can get wild at times, you shouldn’t punish them harshly, as this affects their confidence.

    Instead, acknowledge the puppy and praise it often. If it gets on your nerves, reprimand the puppy and quickly ignore it afterward. It will get the message.

  7. Allow it to exercise
  8. Border Collies are imbued with high energy levels; that’s why you need to give them room to be active. A big yard is ideal for the puppy to move around. If you don’t have a yard, you can take it to a nearby park.

    Apart from playing catch with it, take it out for a walk daily. But if your schedule is busy and you can’t find a dogwalker, take it out at least once a week.

  9. Recognize its herding instincts
  10. In spite of all the training, a Border Collie will still have its herding mentality. As the owner, you should keep that instinct in mind when developing a training regimen for it.

    In the long run, that training will serve the Border Collie well, notably in controlling migratory geese.

Take Advantage of Border Collie Puppies for Sale Now!

Once you’ve “tamed” your Border Collie, future training and disciplining should be a cinch. Especially after goose dog training, your Border Collie should be able to keep Canada geese away.

While it takes a lot of patience, training this breed of dog will help you realize your money’s worth, so capitalize and use it to your advantage.

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