A Trusted SEO Service Provider Reiterates the Importance of Keywords


Is the era of keywords over? As any SEO service provider would tell you, this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although it’s undoubtedly more difficult for businesses to gain visibility over keyword data, the fact remains that keywords still play a significant role in any SEO campaign.


It’s easy to see the reason behind this trepidation on keywords. Only a few years ago, organic keywords were easily accessed through different analytics platforms. Things started to change in 2011 when keyword data began to disappear from web analytics. Upon losing keyword data, businesses were quick to set aside keywords in favor of other SEO tactics.

At the end of the day, however, search engines are still dependent on keywords. Users are still using them to conduct searches, and Google still uses the same methods to interpret content. Keywords are still at the very core of affordable SEO services.

Search Engines Look for Meaning

Part of why businesses think keywords no longer matter is the fact that Google no longer pulls out specific keyword/phrases and pairs them to particular search queries. These businesses, however, often overlook the intermediary step. Google interprets data from your website and forms its own conclusion as to what it offers.

In fact, as much as 70 percent of searches are derived from synonyms of keywords. With this in mind, your goal must be to optimize your site for specific meanings rather than for phrases. An expert SEO service provider can help you come up with relevant meanings from a particular set of keywords, then optimize your website accordingly.

Keywords and Placement

Another factor to consider is the placement of your keywords. Google still needs keywords to determine what your company is and what it offers. That means putting importance on placement rather than density.

In a nutshell, Google takes a look at your website’s meta information and headers first, followed by the copy, sidebars, and footers. Make sure that you optimize these areas accordingly, though you must avoid using only one specific phrase. Otherwise, your website might appear repetitive.

More than Information for Search Engines

Most businesses often see keywords as a necessary element for their website, but these serve more than one purpose. In reality, keywords can be harnessed as a market research tool. You must start looking beyond the literal translation of your keywords and delve into the implicit clues to derive its real intent.

Keywords are far from being an obsolete part of SEO On the contrary; keywords must still be at the core of your SEO strategy. Make the most out of keywords by availing affordable SEO services from providers, such as Sunray Pros.

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