A Discussion with Used Car Dealers in Bend, OR Discuss: How Do Vehicles Rank in Terms of Resale Value?


For used car dealers in Bend, OR, selling fully-functional second-hand vehicles is a mantra to live by. Knowing that their cars can still deliver on a second lease is important to them. But what exactly are the vehicles that sell the best after their first run? Learn more in this article.

Ranking Vehicle Types by Resale Value

A recent study was conducted regarding the depreciation of vehicles in the market. Here are the different vehicle types, ranked from highest to lowest resale value.

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  1. Pick-Up TrucksNot only are they the hardened warriors of the vehicle class; pickup trucks are also those with the best resale value. Studies show that pickup trucks depreciate by 41%. Among all vehicles, they are also the only ones whose depreciation rate was below 50%, making them the ultimate survivor vehicles.
    • tough structures
    • best dependability among all vehicles
    • go-to machines for carrying cargo and hauling trailers in any situation.

    Lastly, the pickup segment is a growing vehicle segment; the demand for trucks keeps the segment’s values high.

    A handful of pickup trucks are made by Ford and Chevrolet, two of the US’ leading automakers. As a buyer, purchasing such models will be a great boost to you and your business. If you’re purchasing an old Ford F-150 or a used Chevrolet Silverado, the discount does little to diminish their value, and you can continue to use the vehicles for the long haul.

  2. Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)SUVs are the vehicles with the next lowest resale value, having a depreciation rate of 51.9%. They have durable exteriors and powerful engines that are second only to pickup trucks. Compared to pickups, they are more people-oriented, allocating more to passenger space than cargo space.

    SUVs are particularly more popular with families because of their passenger space and tenacity for long trips. The large number of outdoor adventure-oriented American families has accounted for the creation of numerous US SUVs. Two notable SUVs that have good resale values include the Ford Expedition and the Chevrolet Colorado.

  3. Family Car/ SedansFamily sedans have the lowest depreciation rate of all, coming in at 41.3%. This is understandable, as they are built primarily for intra-city drives and flat roads. Resellers may find a significant loss in disposing of their sedans, but a demand for cars in this segment will still dictate the proper value they will recoup. This goes the same for buyers, who may have to do further inspection of the car they hope to purchase.

    Despite this, used sedans still sell fairly well. Some have actually retained a bit of the performance and durability it had the first time around. Another factor for high second-hand sedan sales is nostalgia. American muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are still a hit among collectors; they are also willing to shell out more money for the restoration if needed.

With Used Vehicles, Always Double-Check

As a reseller, the aforementioned is a handy guide for knowing where your vehicle stands. Apart from knowing the standard resale value and depreciation rate, hiring an appraiser will give you exact knowledge on how you much you can get for your car.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer, you shouldn’t be discouraged to buy anything other than a pickup, nor should you be confident in buying vehicles with low depreciation rates. Doing a thorough check of the vehicle itself is more important, because this is how you’ll know that your purchase is worth it.

Ask all the questions you can with the used car dealers in Bend, OR. While you do your inspection, the dealers are also friendly, and would not hesitate to give you the complete specs of the car. Keep all of this in mind, and you will be able to get a used car worth its value.

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