A Complete, Well Rounded Home System from the Burglar Alarm Companies Near Me


Nowadays, leaving your home unattended entails big risks. For one, you can leave yourself vulnerable to intruders, so you need to get help from burglar alarm companies near me.

But not only are you dealing with burglary: you also have to face internal threats. For one, you may have an emergency meeting and need to leave your preteen all alone for a while. Or you have a Labrador whom you haven’t fully trained yet. Leaving such things alone can cause anxiety comparable to a burglary. A complete home security system is the answer.

Some Security Statistics to Take Note Of:

lynxtouch2While people guard their house zealously in winter, burglars prefer breaking in during daytime. This is because in colder weather, people tend to be away from home.

It’s risky not to think of availing of a security system. If you have reservations, these stats from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will change your mind:

  • 4,500 burglaries take place in the US
  • 60% of break-ins take place from 6AM-6PM
  • Burglaries occur every 20 seconds, so you don’t know when your house will be next
  • In home invasions, 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur

Going Beyond the Usual Burglary System

These areas of concern should encourage you to purchase a home security system. But it should be more than your average security setups, with the system going through every nuance of your home. You not only get security – you can also control your home settings to ensure that everything is stable in the house.

  • A security system that is personable
    Intuitiveness has made it possible for home automation to be controlled wherever and whenever. You can access this system through something as personal as a smartphone. Not only are you socially connected through your smartphone, you can also be on top of security for your home.
  • Pet and children inclusive system
    If children are in the house, you can also monitor their movement through a tight security system. You can “childproof” the home from them by limiting access via your smartphone.The security system should also note the house pets. You want to prevent your dog from being mistaken as an intruder. This is why your system should have motion sensors that can set them apart. By doing so, you can allow them to move freely without any hassle.
  • Environmental concerns
    Busted faucets in the kitchen while you’re away? The washing machine breaking down? These things can happen and can have an impact like that in a burglary. With a complete home automation, you will be notified of catalysts like leaks and bad wiring, helping you avert a home disaster before it begins.

Make Your Home Burglar and Disaster-Proof Now!

You never know when your house is vulnerable, be it to burglars or internal factors. That is why getting a home automation system is an urgent matter. Seek the help of a CCTV near West Palm Beach provider soon as you can. By centralizing your home security, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and ease your fear away.

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