8 Useful Hacks for Affordable Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

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The biggest concern when doing bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles is that it is costly. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money for renovation.

Believe it or not, there are creative ways on how you can have a remodel and save money. You can change very little in your bathroom, and still make it appear brand new. Through these bathroom remodel hacks, you can get the washroom you desire and stay well within budget.

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Useful Tips for Cheap Bathroom Updates

Here are some tips on how you can update your bathroom with minimal cost:

  • Tidy up the grout.
  • Usually, all you need to give the bathroom a fresh new look is by cleaning all the grime. Tidy up the grout in all the tiles, and watch your bathroom regain its sparkle in less than a day.

  • Use a liner for the bathtub.
  • While saving up for a tub conversion in Los Angeles, you can get a liner for the tub. To do this, get the exact measurement of the tub and find the lining at a home improvement store. Through the lining, you can give the optical illusion that your current tub is shiny and new.

  • Update the bathroom fixtures.
  • You can upgrade fixtures so that the bathroom will get a tinge of modernity. This is applicable, especially if the fixtures were installed last century. Replace your aging faucets with ergonomic ones, and the turnkey shower handles with lift handles.

  • Place a new vanity.
  • If your antique bathroom vanity no longer has its old charm, you can use that for a renovation hack. There are minimalist bathroom vanities available in the market at affordable prices. You can choose between wall-mounted and freestanding ones – just make sure what you get will blend in seamlessly with your bathroom.

  • Open up space in the bathroom with lines.
  • Sometimes, you just have to shake up perspective. If you are using a shower curtain, you can replace it with glass sliding doors. Not only did you free up space, but the transparent sliding doors help establish the effect of a bigger room.

  • Be creative with lighting.
  • An underrated hack is changing up the lighting in the bathroom. To get ample lighting, place recessed fixtures in the ceiling and shower area. You can also place a dimmer switch to set the mood for bubble baths.

  • Repaint the bathroom tiles.
  • If you are fine with changing the color of your old tiles, you can simply paint over them. Just make sure that you are using proper tiling paint, which you can buy at the home improvement store.

  • Install water-saving toilets.
  • While this is not necessarily a cheap hack, it will prove cost-effective once you start using the toilet. A “green toilet” may not be as cheap as traditional toilets, but the amount you will save with the flush options will make up for it.

Follow these Cheap Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

These tips are proof that it doesn’t cost a lot for an updated bathroom design in Los Angeles. With the right mindset and a knack for creativity, you can redesign your bathroom in the most affordable way possible.

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