6 Ways Web Design and Development Experts can Boost Your Site for 2019

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Start the year right for your business! Give your website a well-deserved revamp by hiring web design and development experts. Read on to find out how they can boost your brand’s online presence and supercharge your digital marketing campaigns.

They can:

  1. Improve your site’s searchability with artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is no longer just a concept in science-fiction literature. It’s now a part of mainstream technology. It’s why more and more providers of digital solutions are integrating it into their web development services. When incorporated well into a website, it can make your contents more visible to various search options such as visual and voice.

  1. Integrate push notifications into your website.

Yes, you can now add push notifications to your website. With them being a big hit in mobile apps, it was only a matter of time before they became a site fixture. Push notifications can give your visitors a more intuitive experience. They can make your email newsletters more personal and make your promotions more enticing among other things.

  1. Simplify your website’s navigation with Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Experts predict that SPAs will become more popular in the future—with good reason. SPAs make site navigation a breeze not only for desktop users but also for mobile device users. They’re simple and fast since they don’t follow the complex menus of the conventional navigation system.

  1. Incorporate motion UI into your web design.

The average Internet user’s attention span is short. Web experts predict that it will continue to diminish in the future. As such, layout features that require more than a couple of seconds loading time (e.g., flash-based graphics) are not ideal. It’s the reason why more and more web design and development companies recommend simple and interactive graphics like motion UI. Motion UI is captivating and evocative.

When integrated well into a design, it will do wonders not only for your user experience but also for your conversion rates.

  1. Underline your brand identity with customized graphics.

Internet users are attracted to vibrant designs. It’s why, despite the dominant trend of minimalism in the industry, web solutions companies continue to provide graphic-focused web design packages. They can include anything from bold color schemes and meaningful themes to original illustrations and customized animations. Partner with an excellent web design agency and the possibilities are limitless. One thing is for sure: they’ll definitely highlight your brand personality.

  1. Improve your website’s adaptability and security.

Today, it’s not enough to ensure your website runs well in computer users. You need to make sure it works well with a wide range of smart devices as well. Otherwise, you’ll severely limit your visibility. There’s also the matter of cybersecurity. What’s the point of making your site accessible to various platforms if it’s not secure for users? Web design and development companies can help you out on both ends.

Competition in the digital marketing industry will be fiercer than ever in 2019. Keeping your SEO, SMO, and PPC strategies up-to-date with certainly give you an edge; revamping your website even more so. Just consider these benefits. Make sure you hire a competitive provider of web design and web development services to give your brand all these online advantages.

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