6 Essential Tips and Reminders from a Cosmetic Dentist in Mission, Viejo


Improving one’s dental health is never a one-way road. Achieving and maintaining a picture-perfect smile is not just the job of your cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo. You, as the patient, need to perform your duties and responsibilities as well. These include some lifestyle changes or adjustments on your end.

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6 Things Your Dentist Want You to Practice and Keep in Mind

Your cosmetic dentist can make a significant impact on the quality of your smile. However, for this to translate into your daily life, you need to do your part as well. Here are some tips and reminders from your dentist to help maintain the effects of dental procedures for a longer period:

  1. Stop thinking of dental procedures as magic.

    Cosmetic dentistry is not a kind of sorcery. It is not an instant fix to an oral health problem. In fact, depending on the patient’s condition, your dentist in Mission Viejo, CA might need to painstakingly work on multiple rigorous procedures to achieve the desired effect.

    Your dentist will appreciate it if you will start looking at cosmetic procedures as hard work. Keep in mind that it takes a thorough examination and procedures to achieve that Hollywood smile.

  2. Cosmetic dentistry is not just about the looks.

    Nature emphasized this in their Dentistry Vital Guide series. The basis of any cosmetic dental procedure should always be one’s health. Dental procedures are conducted to get rid of discomfort in chewing and speaking brought by missing or damaged teeth. Achieving that picture-perfect smile is a bonus.

  3. Avoid smoking.

    Studies show that individuals who do not smoke experience better results after their dental procedure. This is because a smoke-free lifestyle is one of the success factors that affect the longevity of cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants. If you’re not prepared to give up smoking even after some procedures, your oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA might advise you to reconsider your decision to undergo cosmetic dentistry fix.

  4. Stop eating restricted foods.

    This is true especially for dental veneers and braces, among others, that may fall off or get damaged when you eat hard foods and other restrictions like popcorn and nuts. Aside from additional work for your dentist, failing to follow the recommended diet can incur additional expenses on your end because of the necessary dental repairs.

  5. Maintain proper oral health.

    Invest in the appropriate oral health products that will respond to your needs after the dental procedures. Aside from the appropriate gear, take note of the proper dental routines that fit your condition as well. For example, if you just had dental crowns, it is important to let the floss slide rather than pulling it up to avoid uprooting the newly-placed teeth caps.

  6. Show up during appointments or as needed.

    Some cosmetic dental procedures might require patients to come back at regular intervals. This is to maintain certain dental appliances or articles over a specified period. In this case, it is vital to show up on time and avoid skipping sessions. Doing so helps guarantee the achievement of your desired teeth. In addition, it helps prevent problems that may occur if you skip your regular dental appointments.

    Showing up as needed, such as during dental emergencies, is also highly advised. This will lessen a load of your cosmetic dentist in Mission Viejo and prevent damages from escalating further.

Get that Picture-Perfect Smile in No Time!

Remember, it is always to better to follow your dentist than to suffer in the end. Take note of these tips and make sure to follow them for a better smile for years to come!

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