5 Costly Mistakes That Can Happen with DIY Installation of Artificial Turf in Kansas City

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DIY home improvement projects are popular among handy homeowners. It can work for renovations like painting walls or building more storage, but not for installing artificial turf in Kansas City. In fact, installing artificial grass by yourself can put your investment at risk. These five costly mistakes are a typical consequence of DIY turf installation by inexperienced individuals, and why it pays to leave the job to professionals.


Mistakes Caused by DIY Synthetic Grass Installation

Fitting artificial turf involves specialized tools and equipment, plus a keen eye for error and a solid grasp of installation techniques. Unfortunately, most homeowners lack one or all of those elements, which leads to the following costly mistakes:

  1. Laying artificial grass on an uneven surface

Not preparing the ground can lead to installation failure. Professional installers know how to spot and remove tree roots, unearth stones, and level the field to create a beautiful, smooth surface for the turf. Many inexperienced installers don’t do the job well, which in turn creates dangerous, unsightly wrinkles and slopes on the finished lawn.

  1. Fitting some sections of the turf the wrong way up

Yes, it happens. Since synthetic grass in Kansas City has a vibrant, lifelike green shade, a lot of homeowners have trouble telling which is the right side up. As a result, they may not lay all the turf facing the same side. To eliminate the issue, go with professional installers who can tell the difference between turf shades at a glance.

  1. Failing to install proper drainage under the turf

The absence of an efficient drainage system will lead to flooding after heavy rain, bad odors due to urine puddles if you have pets, and over time, an unsanitary and waterlogged lawn.  Professional installers know the right depth for the base, and how to fill it with cut stone where water can pass through. They can also design the drainage to control run-off and prevent flooding around your home. It’s a complex process that is best left to the pros.

  1. Forgetting to install a weed barrier

Looking forward to having a weed-free yard? Don’t let DIY mistakes get in the way of that dream. While Kansas City, MO artificial grass significantly reduces weed growth, some stubborn variants can still push through the turf. Experienced installers know how to install a weed barrier to prevent the weeds from getting through the surface.

  1. Creating unsecured edges

Many DIY installers think that a clean and smooth surface means a successful project. However, if you don’t know how to secure the borders, they’ll soon curl up and can become trip hazards. Harsh weather conditions, such as heavy storms and strong winds can rip unsecured turf away from the site. The pros know how to prevent this and make sure that every inch of the lawn stays in places no matter the conditions outside.

Trust Professionals with Artificial Grass Installation

When you’re making a significant investment like artificial turf in Kansas City, it doesn’t make sense to cut corners in terms of installation. The quality of turf installation today will affect its beauty and function for up to 15 years or more, which is the average life span of synthetic grass.

Make sure your long-term experience with an artificial lawn is a happy, trouble-free one by leaving the project to the pros.

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