4 Popular Types of Putting Greens in Stockton Homes

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Want to practice your putting game but too busy to drive to the club or range all the time? Putting greens in Stockton are the ideal solution! Artificial grass putting greens can be customized according to your skill level so you can play golf the way you want, anytime.

backyard putting green

Types of Putting Greens

Artificial grass installers offer many different putting green designs for you to choose from. From basic to pro, here are the most popular types of backyard golf greens in Stockton:

  1. The Beginner Putting Green

Are you just starting to learn golf? Maybe you’re installing a putting green to share the sport with your children. A basic putting green is the perfect choice for players who want to focus on learning elementary golf techniques and strokes.

This type of green is typically long with minimal valleys or curves. It’s a great way to help a player get used to their clubs and learn how to use them properly for a swing. As you get better at playing golf, you can call your artificial grass installer to increase the difficulty level with terrain changes, more holes, and sharper curves to improve your game.

  1. The Oddly-Shaped Course

A professional installer of synthetic grass in Stockton will take advantage of the existing features of your yard to design the course. If you’re worried that your yard is too small and awkwardly-shaped for golf green, think again – artificial grass can be cut to fit spaces of any size and shape!

The unique features of your yard such as sharp curves and corner can be used as a challenge or obstacle to help you master your swings. You can practice teeing off at different angles so you’re prepared when you encounter rough patches during a game.

  1. The Putting Green with an Uneven Terrain

If you prefer, your installer can level down the soil to give you an even putting green. However, a naturally uneven terrain better reflects the surface of a real golf course.

When you’re playing at the club, the ball often rolls in unpredictable directions due to the valleys and dips of the course. Lawns and yards that have a similar surface are excellent for putting greens because they enhance your ability to judge distance, such as estimating the length and power you need to drive the ball from the tee to the cup.

  1. The High-Difficulty Course

Over time, your golfing skills will eventually improve and you’ll need to increase the difficulty level of your putting green with it. Artificial turf installation in Stockton can add ponds, small pits, or reshape your existing putting green as necessary.

Want more holes or adjust the ones you already have? Thinking of converting your basic green to a mini golf paradise? It’s all possible with professional installers in Stockton.

Upgrade Your Home with a Backyard Putting Green

The beauty of synthetic putting greens is that the only limit is your imagination. Whether you have an expansive yard for a multi-hole surface or a small lawn that can only accommodate a short green, artificial grass landscapers can customize the turf to any specification. Call your local landscapers today and take the first steps toward owning a backyard putting green!

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