4 Nose Game Ideas from Your Local Leesburg Dog Training Center


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According to Leesburg dog training experts, nose games are not just pure fun; they also enhance your dog’s natural capabilities.

Did you know that the portion of a dog’s brain that processes its sense of smell is 40 times bigger than those of humans? This is why smelling is one of their skills that you should strengthen as a pet owner. Aside from helping you teach your dog the “seek” command, scent games also serve as physical exercise for your canine companion. They likewise give you the chance to bond with your pet.

Fun Scent Games for Your Lovely Pooch 

Make play times more fun and useful for you and your canine companion! Leesburg dog training experts list down the top nose games you can play with your dog.

1. Find the treat

This one’s a walk in the park for your pets since they love doing this. You can place several boxes inside a room then place a treat or two in any of the boxes and let your dog find the treat. You can also play this game without the boxes. Randomly hide treats around the house and instruct your dog to find the treats.

You can also level up this game by training your pooch to look for a specific smell. This is one of the most commonly used techniques in Hamilton dog training centers.

2. Which Hand

This game is a bit simple. It involves your dog’s most favorite treats and your hands. Get a treat, place it in one of your hands. Close both of your hands into a fist. Then, signal your pet to look for it. Wait until he sniffs it. If he chooses the wrong hand, let him see the treat but do not give it. Be sure that your dog does not see which fist you placed the treat so it will be more challenging.

3. Hide and Seek

In this game, you will serve as the treat! Put your pet on a sitting down position then hide anywhere in the house where you are least likely to be found. Then stand still and let him seek you. When he finds you, reward him. You can also take this outdoors to a secured area.

4. Seek the lost

While going for a walk, pretend dropping or losing something and walk a little further. Then, ask your dog to find the item. Make sure to reward him if he does.


Pick the Right Treats and Toys

Many of these nose games are best played with treats and toys. To make it more exciting and effective, be sure to pick the right treats and toys for them. For food, some use carrots, popcorn, snap peas, or slices of meat. You can also use your pet’s favorite toy. Since you know them the best, you should know what will get their attention.


If you want them to enjoy more games like this and at the same time be properly trained, you may also reach out to competent and well-trained experts of dog training in Leesburg, VA who can offer the best programs for your pets.

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